Dance Links
Link Description
Ballroom - The Ballroom This is where I first started taking ballroom lessons and still do but just not as frequently. While I would call them the Sacramento center for social ballroom dancing, they have very capable competitive teachers and students also.
Ballroom - Spotlight Although dancers of all ages are welcomed and do attend their events, this studio tends to attract the youngest ballroom dancing crowd in the area. Located in West Sacramento they attract dancers from the Davis area as well as all of Sacramento. They feature many classes and parties. Several times a month they have beginner dance parties that are the best in the area for first time dancers.
Square / Round Dancers Association ASDSC - The Associated Square Dancers of Superior California. This is the local dance association and despite the name it also serves the local round dance community.
MaryAnn Callahan's home page for the Moonlight Dancers. Includes class/workshop schedule, round dance cue sheets and links to many other round dance organizations.
Ghostriders My favorite dance band is the Ghostriders. They turn an ordinary square dance into an event not to be missed. I have had the pleasure of dancing to them on numerous occasions as well as performing with them as the featured caller at several events sponsored by local clubs.
CallerLab A national organization of callers. On their site you can find the square dance moves associated with each level of western square dance and their definitions.
Basic / Mainstream Lists Link to Callerlab Basic / Mainstream Lists.
Basic / Mainstream Definitions Link to CallerLab Basic / Mainstream Definitions.
Ward Roger Wards home page - Lots of information on round dancing and lots of round dance cue sheets.
Roundalab A national organization of round dance cuers. On their site you can find lists of classic and golden classic dances, infomation on phases and round dance cue sheets for many of the classic dances.